Mega Wash (24L)


Mega Wash Frequency water to destroy mites; safe until day of harvest.

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The “ORIGINAL” Frequency Altered Water. Mega Wash is designed specifically for the hydroponic and horticultural industry. The key component in Mega Wash is the 18 unique frequency’s that are imprinted in the water.
• Do not dilute Mega Wash, it is a ready to use product.
• Use up until harvest.

Mega Wash CAN NOT be stored on concrete, as it will drain frequencies from the product. It must be stored on something insulated preferably a piece of wood such as; a pallet. Storing it above ground on your regular shelves metal racking or otherwise is fine.

This product has a 3 year shelf life even after opening as long as the product is resealed and kept below 80F or 27C, to avoid evaporation.

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Weight 48 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 15 in

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