Chemboy’s Chlorine Killer


take the chlorine out of your tap water without using a filter


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Chlorine Killer helps sustain a rich growing environment for plants by neutralizing the buildup of Chloramine and Chlorine.

Chlorine and Chloramine buildup is dangerous for plants, as it can stifle growth and lead to poor health in your crops.


Who this product is marketed towards:

  • Customers using tap water
  • Customers using fish waste nutrients


  • Chlorine is bad for plants. Some people let their tap water “offgas” the chlorine – and in sunlight this should work. This is a tedious and time consuming process though, filling buckets with tap water and placing them outside for days to get rid of the chlorine.There has to be a better way. With Chlorine Killer, just add it to the water and it’s ready for use.
  • Chloramine is really bad for plants and has no easy way to be remediated. This is different from chlorine. Some consumers don’t even know about chloramine. It’s very common in fish waste and tap water. Many municipalities treat water with Chloramine too. This is great at keeping water safe to drink, but bad for your plants.
  • Directions: CAREFUL! SUPER CONCENTRATED. To treat a Gallon of water, use 1mL liquid Chlorine Killer, or 100mg (0.1g) if solid.

***There are ~3,785 “uses” in a gallon of Chlorine Killer, and 1,000 “uses” in 100g of Chlorine Killer!***

What’s in it?

Chlorine Killer is made with a safe crystalline compound that is used in water purification. The exact composition is a trade secret but safe for plants no matter how you grow! We can send samples if you’d like to test it out yourself!

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