Ez-Clone Propagator Pro

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Ez-Clone Propagation Plug



Introducing our newest pride and joy, the EZ‑CLONE® Propagator Pro™. This eco-friendly soilless cloning and rooting collar are made of our propriety method of blending a high-porosity mix of coco and peat. It is COMPOSTABLE and all-natural. The Propagator Pro™ is excellent for both plant cloning and seed sprouting!

You can essentially root your plant, set it in the soil, and let nature takes its course in breaking down the collar giving the plant essential compost nutrients, and allowing the material to compost in the soil as the plant grows, which significantly reduces plant stress when transplanting.

In addition to all its earthly benefits, the EZ‑CLONE® Propagator Pro™ provides cuttings with optimal and maximum drainage which is ideal for growers seeking the right amount of air and water ratio for strong, healthy root growth.

Transplants into any horticulture medium, including Rockwool. Available in packs of 65 and 1400 collar quantities.

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