Gard’n Clean Extended Release


Chlorine Dioxide extended release will keep your environment sterile and odor free


The Gard’nClean Extended Release deodorizer is a next- generation, humidity activated ultra-pure chlorine dioxide (CIO2) generator. This simple to use product improves air quality for up to 30 days. GC Extended Releases are ideal for odor mitigation protocols and limiting cross-contamination of odors and VOCS (Volatile Organic Compounds). Will help to keep pathogens (like powdery mildew or bacterial contamination) from establishing and spreading
ldeal for use in common areas, hallways, storage locations, bathrooms, kitchens, greenhouses, grow rooms, drying rooms, curing areas, and more.

In mycology, extended release CIO2 will greatly reduce contaminates in your environment to improve success rates and taper inconsistencies

  • Compliant with OSHA and EPA chronic exposure limits
  • Lasts for up to 30 days
  • Simple Installation
  • Will help protect against virus transmission, including COVID-19
  • Eliminates Odors 3-Dimensionally
  • Humidity Activated
  • Improves Air Quality
  • Easy Refill
  • No PPE Required

Directions For Use:

1. Remove Gard’nClean Extended Release sachet from foil pouch.
2. Place Gard’nClean Extended Release sachet back into included clamshell container.
3. Set Gard’nClean Extended Release in a central area, trying to avoid putting it directly in front of a fan or duct work.
4. Replace every 15 – 30 days.

For full instructions, see our Directions for Use on the label, or consult the Gard’n Clean Institutional SOP.

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