Grease cannabinoid booster specifically for indica strains


GREASE™ exemplifies the principles of biomimicry and bioavailability. Applying the precursors of cannabinoids, independent scientists confirm a direct increase in THC or CBD potency averaging 31.5%

Purple Label is a special blend that is naturally purple. The Purple blend is specialized for indicas and short flowering plants. The proprietary blend has excellent bioavailability to line up with exotic strains.

ACTIVE INGREDENTS: Cannabinoid Extracts

GREASE™ is an all natural product that uses the power and essence of the plant we all love in a trade secret, proven formulation to boost the potency of your garden.  Regular, even daily use of our product will not cause irregularities or homogenization in your genetics. The opposite is true, it will enhance the natural genetic expression of what is internally expressed. Works excellent on farms and gardens with multiple strains or monocrops.

GREASE™ has been laboratory tested by a Certified Lab and found to leave no harmful residue. See test results posted. Be clean and recycle.


Boosting the potency is increasing your resin exuded by specialized glands. This is proven in the heavier washes and nug runs that professional extractors are seeing across the world after regularly applying GREASE™. Increasing resin is a very helpful mechanism that occurs readily when provided the proper constituents in the correct amounts.  These resinous compounds defend against desiccation, temperature extremes, and a slew of other benefits. By applying the consortium of precursors, the specialized compounds in GREASE™, they are immediately absorbed and redirected to resin and cannabinoid production sites.


The cannabinoid extracts are bioavailable through the leaves and roots because the compounds are instinctually recognized by sativa. The cannabinoids are naturally absorbed into the plant by mimicking the same polar structure of their plant resins. The cannabinoid extracts provide the building blocks for cannabinoid production. According to a textbook, hemp plants uniquely produces high cannabinoids, a family C21 terpenophenolic compounds including THC, cannabidoil (CBD), cannabinol (CBN), cannabichromene (CBC), cannabigerol (CBG) and at least 60 other cannabinoids(McPartland). Our GREASE™ line is a pioneering technology proven to be a CANNABINOID BOOSTER™ that will increase your THC or CBD by an average of 31.5%. Additional benefits are that it is safe to use in all phases of growing, and it is based on the principles of sustainable agriculture.

  • No pesticide residual
  • No heavy metals
  • No residual solvents
  • Passes strict lab parts per billion testing
  • Sprays evenly for best contact coverage
  • Can be applied up until during harvest
  • When used as directed can be applied as often as required throughout growth, during both grow and bloom stages
  • When used as directed can be applied to food crops and medicinal plants
  • Biodegradable
  • PBA Free and HDPE grade bottles


The unique smells of the plant we all love is not from cannabinoids, but from terpenoids. Terpenoids are polymers of a C5 isoprene precursor, such as the monoterpoids. It produces over 150 terpenoids. (McPartland) It is important to note that terpenes are completely different compounds than cannabinoids.


The scientific research shows the functionality of GREASE™ be considered a soil conditioner. The Molarity of Ethanol Droplet(MED) test for water repellency rating of soil proves the addition of Grease will increase the severity of reaction and aid in the breakdown of surface tension of the soil. The control showed no apparent severity. With the addition of Grease, cannabinoid latent ethanol miscible in water, the change in soil hydrophobicity resulted in a clear improvement in the water repellence rating or hydrophobicity of soil or coco fiber.


It is very unique to find a product that is truly safe to use in hydroponic production. We use green and clean technology that is medical grade to ensure no contamination of your hydroponics system. It does not affect the stability of pH due to the non polar nature of GREASE™. Apply with every reservoir change as it is readily absorbed.


Nature holds the answers to all fundamental biochemical engineering questions and complex problem solving. This concept seems basic, but it is necessary to our understanding of everything in the universe.



All physical indicators show plants ability to absorb and use complex compounds for their benefit when made available with osmotic potential. Dynamic approaches to problem solving will support and invigorate our ecosystems for years to come.



Ecosystem management is an intrinsic phenomenon that explains the harmonious overlap of habitats and interconnectivity across species. Cutting out harsh chemicals in manipulated environments is critical for maintaining the species we have.  You are part of the solution and no act is too small to clean up the Earth we share.


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