Enzymes Komplete



Enzymes Komplete™ is Unique, Natural, Environmentally Friendly, Biodegradable, and Absolutely non-GMO.

The Mint Twist is a unique and complex formulation of various species of mint and blended together with Enzymes Komplete™.

The Benefits of Enzymes Komplete™ with a Mint Twist are endless! Enzymes Komplete™ is a Must for Every Garden!

Enzymes Komplete Holdings Ltd maintains the highest business standards; our customer’s interests (and their gardens) are always our top priority. We give tremendous attention to customer and technical support, product knowledge and awareness, product warranty and our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Disease Prevention & Healing

Disease prevention in the garden is a very important and easy procedure. It is much easier to prevent disease than to deal with a fully developed problem. Either way, Enzymes Komplete™ will help to heal your garden. All working surface,machinery and equipment must be cleaned and cleansed regularly.

Water Equipment & Growing Systems

All water equipment & growing systems including pumps, water reservoirs & pipes. Drip emitters & Sprayers are the most vulnerable parts of the systems that are regularly exposed to dirt & being easily plugged.

“Enzymes Komplete™ is uniquely designed to clean, cleanse and recondition.”

Chemical, Nutrient & Salts Lockout

It has been proven over time and reported by many growers, that Enzymes Komplete™ is the solution that can help to deal with chemical, nutrient & salts lockout almost instantly. The lockout problem gets treated in a fast, easy & gentle way and without damaging any other important processes in the growing operation.

Mint Twist – organic complex mints formulation as part of Enzymes Komplete™

MINT TWIST is a unique organic mints formulation blended to Enzymes Komplete™. The cleanup is very unique, gentle & harmless and helps to protect good healthy micro-environments,good bacteria & good beneficial organisms. The mint fragrance & various mints oils in the formula are powerful & effective cleaning tool in cleaning away stubborn & resistant garden problems as: spiders, gnats, spider mites, Powdery mildew, Broad mites.

Cleaning & cleansing cutting, trimming machines & equipment

Complexity & condition of every machine & equipment and/or their parts will
dictate the way of cleaning & or cleansing procedures as well
the concentration of the Enzymes Komplete™ cleaning/cleansing solution.
Removable parts, blades, tubing & others are recommended to soak in
Enzymes Komplete™ solution for few hours, as necessary.

Beneficial Bacteria

Often a question regarding using beneficial bacteria and Enzymes Komplete™ together has been raised. The answer is – definitely – Yes and even more to say, that Enzymes Komplete™ will be an excellent addition to be used together with any type of beneficial bacteria that allow to create a better living environment with an abundance of food for beneficial bacteria to happily grow and multiply.

The multi-purpose use of Enzymes Komplete™ will provide a wide spectrum for applications and great results. Now, about the beneficial bacterias and in particular, Mammoth-P. We are very familiar with lots of beneficial bacteria products – including Mammoth-P  – and always have reports of great success by using Enzymes Komplete™ together with them.

By analyzing the details regarding the interaction of Enzymes Komplete™ with Mammoth-P, it gave conclusive answers and remedies to be suggested. When Enzymes Komplete™ is used in growing systems – especially in closed growing systems – with the presence of good bacteria such as Mammoth-P in particular – 2 very important points must be respected above all:

Important Points

1. First is the added Oxygen supply (have lots of oxygen in the water)

2. The Temperature in the system

When Enzymes Komplete™ is added to the system, it immediately starts doing its great job of cleaning and cleansing the system and starts breaking down dead organic matter/proteins.

The dirtier the system, the more dead proteins will be broken down and will create an overwhelming amount of food that will feed good bacteria. Besides processing and decomposing dead matter/dead proteins, chemical lock outs and salt build ups will also be released that have been trapped in the dirty and uncleaned system and that release alone, will be very harmful to any living bacteria. In that case, the amount of Enzymes Komplete™ per liter of water must be reduced by 4X and performed on a recommended 3 stage cleaning procedure.

“Enzymes Komplete™ is uniquely designed to clean, cleanse and recondition.”


The solution for that problem is very simple:

1. For every system there needs to be a way to figure out how dirty the system is and how many ml/gallon needs to be used for the cleaning.

2. At the time of cleaning, the presence of a cooling/refrigerating equipment needs to be in place and implemented and some of the growers do not have Chillers and at the time of applications, they are using plastic bottles full of water out of the freezer and rotating them as necessary – and that is for the overall temperature inside the system.

The supply of oxygen must be permanent to a system, especially during all cleaning and cleansing procedures. The targeted temperature of the system inside must be not be higher than 69 degrees Fahrenheit/20 Degrees Celsius – that is the magic number. As for Enzymes Komplete™ – Enzymes Komplete™ is bacteria free, pH balanced and cannot harm any living organisms – including beneficial bacteria.

3 Easy Steps!

All growing systems,  big or small, simple or complex, have many common similarities. Many growing systems such as: Current Culture, Turboklone, Ebb & Flow, EZ Cloner,  Deep Water Culture (DWC) and others, normally experience similar problems and conditions that could be solved by Enzymes Komplete™. All of the systems must be regularly cleaned and kept clean, to assure happy and healthy gardening operations.

If any particular system will be cleaned right from the start, the recommended amount of Enzymes Komplete™, 6ml- 8ml per one gallon of water, should be considered standard procedure. EVERY GARDENER MUST TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION  if Enzymes Komplete™ is not introduced from the start of growing operations, THE 3 EASY STEPS OF APPLICATION ARE STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.

It makes no difference if it is just a few days after starting or half way through a cycle or during bloom, the first step must be only use of 2ml per one gallon of water. Second flush, the dose will increase up to 4 ml per gallon and the 3rd flush the dosage should be 6ml – 8ml per gallon of water.

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