Mammoth P



Mammoth benefits.
University Developed
Developed by Growcentia’s founders at a leading US university using next-generation technology. Extensively tested by Colorado growers, and proven to increase plant growth by independent labs.
Beneficial Bacteria
Our beneficial bacteria act like micro bioreactors, continually releasing phosphorus. This reduces the need for a separate additive.
More Phosphorus
Increased levels of phosphorus keep internodes shorter and focuses energy on plant growth.
Safe For All Media
Safe for use in soil, soilless, and hydroponic systems.
Protects Rhizosphere
Shields the plant rhizosphere by outcompeting potentially harmful pathogenic microbes.
Fully Compatible
Use as a supplement to any plant fertilizer program.
Our technology has been extensively tested by growers and farmers around the world and by leading US academic institutions and is proven by these institutions and independent labs to increase growth.
16% Increased Average Yield
6.0% Increased Stem Strength
30x Phosphorus Cycling
How we did it
We developed Mammoth® P by screening billions of soil microorganisms to identify those that most efficiently release bound phosphorus in soil and other growing media, and make it available to plants. Using this proprietary trait selection platform ultimately resulted in a consortium of soil bacteria that are up to 30x more effective than microbial communities found in nature at releasing bound soil phosphorous for plant absorption.
Not your average microbe.
What makes MAMMOTH® Microbes different
Phosphorus cycling process
Our development platform focuses on phosphorus cycling processes to release soil P and micronutrients from bound forms, thus improving phosphorus availability to plants.
High-throughput platform
Our high-throughput platform allows us to select soil microorganisms at the community level in hydroponic environments – which enables these bacteria to work equally well in soil, soilless, and recirculating hydroponic systems.
Directed Phenotyping
Our directed microbial phenotyping platform – coupled with cutting-edge high-throughput molecular techniques – is highly effective. Many competitor products use a non-directed approach by simply mixing microbes, which results in a microbial concoction of unknown provenance or functionality.
Enzyme Structure
Eliminate the need for enzyme additives.
Our bacteria act as micro-bioreactors, constantly producing a more diverse suite of enzymes that enhance phosphorus availability than the leading enzyme-specific products.


A little MAMMOTH goes a long way
MAMMOTH® P is a highly concentrated formula available in range of volumes to fit every cultivator’s needs.

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