Puretane (10 oz)


Puretane. The best butane in the world.

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A single can of Puretane. Triple Refined N-Butane 9X Filtered Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) lined cans – Zero Machining Oils 99.9998% Pure – Near Zero Impurities

At Puretane we insist on the highest possible standards in every aspect of our manufacturing process. We begin by sourcing clean crude oil from the Gulf of Mexico, which we refine in Shreveport Louisiana. Through fractional distillation it is triple refined, and subsequently filtered 9 times to bring it to a purity of 99.9998%

But this is only the beginning…

We go much further to ensure that our butane contains ZERO mystery oils. The problem stems from can and valve manufacturers that are not as careful as they could be to keep the lubricants required in their machinery from leaving residue on the inside of the can and valve.

Every other butane can in this market, whether it is from Korea or the UK, buys their cans and valves from Asian factories…cheap…and you get what you pay for. It doesn’t matter how many times it is filtered if it is then put into a can that has lubricant residue on its interior walls.

Puretane is the ONLY Butane company in the world that manufactures its own cans and valves here in the United States, where we can keep a close eye on this issue.

More important than anything else is your final experience, and like we say over and over again, when you try our butane side by side with any other on the market, there is absolutely no comparison.

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