Superoots Air-Pot #1 (3 Litre) Orange Base 25-Pack


Air-Pots Orange Base 25-Pack

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Air-Pots have unusual cuspated walls, sort of an egg box configuration, made up of closed inward pointing cones and open ended outward pointing cones. There are no flat surfaces on the inside of the container to deflect roots and start the spiralling process.
The inward pointing cones direct the roots further outward to the open ended cones where, because the air density in the soil is too great, the roots dehydrate and are effectively pruned.
The plant responds to this “air-pruning” by sending out more roots to compensate for the loss which leads to a dense root system with a vast number of active white tipped roots.


This 2 gallon equivalent Air-Pot can be used for seed germination and cuttings. Plants can be kept for one to two seasons before transplanting into a larger pot, or directly in the garden. These pots will accommodate a 2′ to 4′ plant through the vegetation and growing cycles depending upon the space available.

Actual size: 1.2 gallons or 4.4 liters

Dimensions: 9″H x 9″ Outside Diameter (7″ base) – 2 gallon equivalent – red colored base

The Superoots Air Pot is a recyclable, reusable plastic container that actively enhances the quality of the root systems of plants. This revolutionary approach to containerizing plants and trees produces fabulous, non-spiraling root systems that are impossible to develop in any other available container.

Made of recycled HDPE in the UK, the Superoots Air-Pot is circular in shape with a perforated sidewall.  There are no flat surfaces due to the inward and outward pointed cones, which eliminates any chance of starting the spiraling process as well as dramatically increases growth rates.

Air-Pot benefits:

  • Eliminates root circling
  • Reduces growing time in the garden
  • Increases yields
  • Simplifies production
  • Minimizes the need to transplant
  • Ensures Superior Performance in Extremes of Weather
  • The Air-Pot is made of recycled HDPE plastic
  • Reduces the chance for overwatering

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 10 × 6 in

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