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Amp-It provides an array of micro-nutrients in ratios proven to stimulate growth. Rapidly growing plants and high yielding gardens need additional micro-nutrients to facilitate the uptake of the primary nutrients. The micro-nutrients in Amp-It work together to ensure plants can maintain a higher metabolism leading to higher rates of photosynthesis and larger crops.

Amp-It is designed to amend the nutrition for crops in high-yield situations. This precise blend of naturally mined minerals, and plant extracts aid plants in achieving increased metabolism.

For plants to achieve maximum results they need extra minerals. Use Amp-It when the demands on your plants are the highest to ensure they don’t run low on fuel. Plants grown with our product will maintain lush, vigorous growth throughout the crop cycle.

Vegamatrix Amp-It is designed for use with any substrate or growing media.

Amp-It is compatible with all nutrients.

Maintaining proper micro-nutrient levels lead to:

Increased vigor.

Enhanced photosynthesis and uptake of primary nutrients.

Maximize vegetative growth, fruiting and flowering.

Improved resistance to environmental stress.


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