Powerbox DPC-12000-60A-4hardwire


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A workhorse for the serious gardener, the DPC-12000 can run up to ten 1000 watt lights, plus 120 Volt accessories – safely and reliably. The DPC-12000 is the best choice for mid-scale growers on a budget. Built-in digital timer with battery backup. GFCI main circuit breaker provides the ultimate in safety and protection for you and your environment – 50 Amp or 60 Amp main capacity. Detachable trigger cord can override the built-in timer so Powerbox® can be controlled by other devices. Ten timed 240 Volt outlets (6-15r) and five 120 Volt outlets (5-15r). Plug & play (14-50p) or hardwire. Hand-built at their California factory.

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Weight 21 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 13 × 7 in

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