Voodoo Juice


Something really necessary is missing from your hydroponics garden.


Something really necessary is missing from your hydroponics garden. Do you know what it is? What’s the missing ingredient that will make plants grow like mad? Advanced Nutrients Voodoo Juice, the formula that proves that bigger roots equal bigger harvests. Voodoo Juice is the number one root-enhancing tonic. Voodoo Juice grows superior root systems so your plants work harder and give you luscious, gigantic harvests. Voodoo’s beneficial microbes create healthier roots that consume nutrients and water faster, creating healthier above ground growth. Voodoo’s microbes form a protective shield around roots to guard them against predatory microbes and root zone diseases. Voodoo creates natural substances that make more flowering sites. Voodoo Juice is the most concentrated, best-engineered root enhancer ever made, so it saves you time and earns you big money. Just pour Voodoo into your watering solution or hydroponic reservoir and watch your root mass grow. Our testing showed that root mass increased as much as 80% with just a few weeks using Voodoo Juice. The Juice contains five strains of beneficial microbes that aren’t found in any other root zone formulas. Unless you use Voodoo Juice, you’re missing out on the root cause of bigger harvests. Key Point: This product has nitrogen in it as a food source for the microbes; this is how it can maintain a two-year shelf life. Having said this, you may notice an ammonia smell, but rest assured that this is a good thing.

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